an initial intro:

Hi my name is Cali and I am aย reader. bibliophile. bookworm. bookmaniac. bookgobbler. so on and so forth.

Basically this blog is all about books, movies, tv shows, travel etc. and all other things related to an introvert person just like me.

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I wish youโ€™ll find this blog helpful and amusing.




16 thoughts on “an initial intro:

      1. Gotcha. Yeah, learning a whole new eco-system is hard.
        All I can say is to practice, practice, practice and peek under the hood of every option on your dashboard. Multiple times, until you’re familiar with it. Then you can start exploring other things.

        Best of luck!

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  1. Welcome Cali! Thank you for stopping by my blog ๐Ÿ™‚ I love a good read as well and can’t wait to see what sorts of books you review. I’ll be expecting the diamond in the rough for sure.


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