Stories by the campfire # 1: women’s rights are human rights



I really hate it when women around the globe are treated this way. What way? like objects.


One night….
There is a girl, after a rough day in the university, she just wants to go home. While in a public transport, she falls asleep. After a while, she wakes up because something is brushing her thighs. The culprit is the guy sitting next to her, feeling her up – molesting her.

To cut the story short…. she posts something on a social media platform, not to bully or attack the perpetrator but to raise awareness. The molester is eventually identified. He is from the same university and it is his last year. The university’s board has called her to the office due to her post, saying that this guy will graduate soon, telling her it’s a shame if his future will be ruined, and reminding her that she shouldn’t sleep in public places/transport etc. They also told her that there is a case filed against her because the post has reached the guy’s family. Remember: the post is not an attack against the guy but a reminder to all girls out there to be cautious.

So the university let the two parties meet. The guy said sorry yadda yadda. But instead of fully supporting the girl’s or so to say the victim’s claims, the board also asked her to apologize to the guy just to settle the whole scenario.


Why do women always feel unsafe?
Why are we always the victim?
Why do they keep blaming it on us?
Just why are we treated this way?

But we are all in this together. We will never be silenced.
Those vile people, they always forget that we are strong …

we are women.


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