Book review: Little Peach

(4 stars. Read in 2015)

Little Peach by Peggy Kern

The context is not new to me – to all of us; this topic is all over the news, rolling in the cinemas and other media platforms …….. truthfully speaking, this is the first prostitution book I have ever read.

It is predictable, yes, but what I love about this book is the way it’s written. It is poignant, very vivid, and not too complex. This book gives off a serious reality check – girls at an age you can’t imagine does get involve with drugs, gangs, and pimps. And it makes my heart ache – so bad. To me, children are all┬ánations’ hope for a change or rebirth. It is sad to say that a huge population of our youth is neglected and abused.

Despite the predictable moments, I really look forward reading the ending aka the author’s conclusion. Sad to say, it is rush with an open ending that makes me feel empty. I mean Michelle deserves a chance or a little hint of salvation, she’s just fourteen come on. Well I guess the end is for the readers to decide.

Short book but thought provoking. (clap clap)


2 thoughts on “Book review: Little Peach

    1. hi thank you for the kind words. Saw your blog and the issues you’ve experienced. I just want to say that in this community, everyone matters and all of us here will definitely support each other. I am really happy that you are fine now and stronger as ever. I wish you well


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