Book review: Keturah and Lord Death

(read in 2015. 3.75-4 stars)


Keturah and Lord Death has caught my attention since the prologue (it is really something you know). Looking at the cover and the title, it is oh so obvious what it’s all about. So as readers we just have to wait for the story to fall into place.

Keturah is a strong character, considering the medieval setting where females are treated lowly, she is outspoken, very charismatic and has a good ole heart. Death’s character, her counterpart, is beautifully written as well. A true gentleman with a great story to tell.

Well this book is basically all about love indeed. Love is love, it is sudden and confusing but enthralling. I really like the development of the characters. I think the writer has written a compelling story generously enough to communicate the connection of kenturah and death to its readers. The turnarounds make my shipper heart tug – so heartwarming. It is not a wild-crazy tale with action, fighting etc. It is mellow but magical. I super love the writing style damn I highlighted some lines and phrases because it is just so b e a u t i f u l.

Short read but worth it (clap clap)


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