Series Review #1: Sense8 Season 1 (no spoilers)


Wow. This is amazing. I am blown away.

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What I really love about it is the diversity element of the show. The show showcases things, cultures and events that are happening in India, Mexico, Iceland, London, US, Germany, Korea and Kenya. It also shows a lot of societal issues like same-sex relationships, people of color, exploitation etc.

But let me first start with the word sense8. To give you a little briefing, these are people from around the globe, eight in every cluster, that are extremely connected with each other – feeling what the others can feel; oneness through their thoughts and actions. It is like a family unit you haven’t met but the bonds are deep-rooted inside of you.

Next stop, the 8 characters: Will, Riley, Wolfgang, Kala, Lito, Sun, Capheus, Nomi. (I won’t explain each one of them to you because this will be long). Oh god they are so perfect – all of them have a special place in my heart. They are from all over the world right? So each of them have their own distinct problems, own mishaps. They all thought they are weak and alone but nope. They are one with the others, they help each other, and their presence in each other’s thoughts guides them in making the right decisions – to the right path. Some scenes and lines are just too powerful; you have to pause and repeat the scenes all over again to take it all in. The message of the scenes is just overflowing, it speaks to you.

Season 1 is basically about introducing all of these characters to us like we are also one of them plus the mystery why they are the so called sense8. It is not like heroes with powers and saving the world. It depicts something about our human nature – that all of us have our own demons – some downfalls or troubles and we can rise from it. The show gives off the rawest feelings of happiness, sadness, triumph, courage and love. *crying sniffin*

Kudos to everyone who is a part of the show. Top notch casting! This is one of the most creative and provocative shows out there. PLEASE FIND SOME TIME TO WATCH THIS.

A million clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap clap to sense8

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