Campfire mixtape #1: songs from Sense8



Hi! as you all know I just watched sense8 season 1 and season 2. And wow…. it has a beautiful soundtrack that adds intensity and emotion to many parts of the show. I want to share this amazing mixtape to all of you! I hope you like it.



  • World Spins Madly On by The weepies – check it here
  • All My Days by Alexi Murdoch – check it here
  • In Need by Gert Taberner – check it here

~Moody unique songs~

~Instrumental/majestic/heavenly/soulful vibe~

Please watch sense8 to fall even more deeply with these songs. In my opinion, it feels so amazing to hear the songs and then remember what scenes it is from. Good times, good times indeed…

Image result for sense8 happy

i don’t know what to watch next. i miss sense8 cast and the plot and everything. Any recommendations? anything will do but please something great. thank you – Cali


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