Book Review: Signal to noise


Attention to all girls and dudes out there…

If you feel like reading something light-coming of age-romance book then try this.

You:Image result for teenage drama gifs

Me: now is the time to turn your tables. trust me this book is good.

Signal to noise is not really popular compared to other books but that makes it special. As a reader I kinda notice that sometimes the plot of most common ya books are so repetitive. Authors twist the plots but it is still the same old tale. In addition to it being “the same old tale”, some are also badly written and that folks is what I can’t stand. For example, something like insta-love, cringeworthy relationships, unreasonable characters etc. (sorry for the shade). This book has its cringeworthy moments but let me say it is few (you know to wrap everything up the author makes it cheesy in the end. Well it’s kinda understandable).

The major characters are Mercedes and Sebastian. They are teenagers, 15 to be exact. They are young and temperamental. They are clueless about life in total and they make mistakes. To cut the story short, they started off as friends and eventually fall for each other. Same old tale right? But Silvia Moreno-Garcia makes it more magical. You will love the author’s writing, such a good narration – easy to follow but take note: it is not badly written. How she managed to write every chapter with the time skips, well I just want to point out that the transition is really beautiful. And oh please the ending as in the very last chapter or the very last time skip, from all the places she put that scene at the very end. The. timing. is. so. perfect.

Friendship is a wonderful gift and it’s a mutual thing. When the differences of the persons involved get in the way, relationships does not always go smooth. But one must remember that friendship is also about affirming the other person, accepting their faults and shortcomings and the book has taught me that.

I kinda stopped reading it but tried to pick it up again because someone I really trust rated it 5 stars. Be patient with it because it is a gem.


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