Series Review #2: The Handmaid’s Tale (season 1&2)



Forgive me book community for i have not read the book. It is on my tbr list for so long — even before the early news of the show’s production; but sadly my huge anticipation for the live adaptation held me back.



First, i just want to say season 1 is a perfect 10 for me — it is phenomenal. If you know me, i choose my books carefully and Handmaid’s Tale has one of the best dystopian plots out there; It is gruesome and fresh, grievous but gripping.

In addition to its plot, the crew also has a stellar cast — elisabeth moss, yvonne strahovski, alexis bledel, joseph fiennes, ann dowd etc. You people have blown our wits away; their acting is very convincing! If you put different actors for their roles, I’m telling you that it is not going to work. 



Furthermore, the second season is a monster — it has wrecked all the viewers. The tension greatly rose, the conflicts become more and more difficult and the  alarming uncertainy of the characters survival makes you glued to your seats.

But up to date, nothing can top season 1 wherein the whole idea of the story has just been introduced — when everything shocked me. Do not get me wrong, season two is also amazing but i can feel the struggle of the writers to prolong the whole story for more seasons. I am not complaining anyway because i am still going to watch them all. I mean the whole plot itself is expandable. There could be a revolution, possible alliances, politics etc. so count me in.



Please believe the hype. Handmaid’s Tale is the best!


10 thoughts on “Series Review #2: The Handmaid’s Tale (season 1&2)

    1. Aren’t we all? nick is hella fine. If he dies i swear i can not move on.

      i am seriously waiting for season 3. It is gonna be interesting i mean will serena joy change sides, or june tho she still stayed i hope she will not lose an eye or hand or whatever

      this is so long i am too obsessed

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      1. It’s seriously my favorite show on tv right now. The relationship between June and Serena drives me crazy because it’s SO GOOOOOD

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    1. Will do! your blogs are great too. I have read some of it and i like your writing style because it is very personal; you include your thoughts and feelings in it. Keep it up my friend, keep on doing the things you want to do 😉 🌞🌞


      1. thanks cali….its really nice to have you fo ra friend….and your advice means a lot to me….really … does…like wow thanks

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