Stories by the campfire # 2: “Ice Boy”




Have you ever thought how your life sucks because things doesn’t go your way? Do you ever feel the frustration because your life is not as eventful as others? Are there any moments when you feel less because other people seems to have more?

I have watched this video few days ago and it made me think a lot.




I grow up in household wherein both of my parents are working. We are not dirt poor but we are not crazy rich either — just comfortable as one might say. One day, i remember my big sister is greatly annoyed by her ipad and wanted a new one because it is slow and outdated. She uses it in medschool to view powerpoints and such. I check it too see if it really lags so much to the point that it impedes her studies; But to no surprise, it does not. In addition to that, my sister and I just went on an overseas trip beginning of the year and she still keeps on nagging non-stop that she wants to go some other place again. The thing is, both of us are just two-broke college students. The brat just can’t seem to understand that she’s asking way too much money and it drives me mad.



The thing about us humans is that most of us are truly privileged but still complain all the time. A little inconvenience is immediately considered as hard times; every unexpected moments are troublesome; expectations that we do not meet are failures; lost chances are always closed doors and the list goes on and on and on. Bottomline, we perceive our lives as either good or bad with no middleground, leaving us unhappy and discontented all the time.


77C86158-9C4E-48C5-9D3C-965EA6D9BCF4The video of “ice boy” made me rethink my life. I am not trying to look down upon them nor rejoicing that i am not in their shoes. This post does not tell you to compare your life and to pity them. All i wanted to say is that we need to become more aware and socially present. We always forget how blessings easily fall into our hands and most of the time, we take it for granted and ask for more. Sometimes, we find it so hard to distinguish our wants from our needs and impulsively buy what’s on trend. We  also try to live a lavish life that we see on others, but it has always been beyond our capable means.






I thank this boy for helping me understand a bit more about life. I can’t help but be inspired watching him walk through that ice, in a thin clothing, just to go to school. I feel the urge to face my life head-on when i saw his family continuously trying. Their family in a simple way ignited something inside me and inspired others, which is, even a person like me can not do.


I hope their family will be alright – financially, physically, and mentally. I hope that in addition to unity, all nation can help contribute to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor.


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