Book review: Paper Towns





I have read Tfios and I do not like it very much (no hate please). Well it’s cheesy and I don’t feel the connection between the 2 characters; it’s the common lovestruck-disease-plot that’s been so hyped by many for the past years. I don’t want to judge Green because of a single book but TFIOS is like the pinnacle of his career — and I did not enjoy it.

In a book, the storyline is the most important aspect for me. It should be something that will raise my curiosity til the end, something different, not overly done and not redundant; and paper towns is one of those books. I love Q, he is not the cliche type — lost main lead who can’t find their direction or a love-crazed teenager who committed overly-used predictable mistakes; Q is very far from that. What I love about him the most? his guts because he is a one smart guy.

Margo, I don’t know where to start — a badass heroine, yeah I know, cliche. Some people hate on her because she is selfish and a problematic brat. The thing is, she really is a brat but what matter is her conclusion at the end and this is what other books don’t have. We always expect that in all romance books the guy can sway and save the girl but no — that does not happen in reality. I can not explain it into words but the film adaptation did not fully capture margo’s character and it is such a big let down. (So read the book)




Paper Towns is definitely not a perfect book and I understand why some people dislike it. Some parts are dragging and moving in circles that I almost drop it; thankfully, the ending saved it for me. In addition, I love its depth, the metaphors, and symbolisms. Kudos to Green! He definitely knows his words and played with it. I am not sure if I am going to read another Green book again because his writing flow and characters always fall in the same trope.

Just like what I said earlier, I super love what happened in the end because that is what’s best for the duo. Paper towns just shows that a good ending is not about immediate happily ever afters  — it lies what’s on beyond.

⭐️⭐️⭐️ to ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars


4 thoughts on “Book review: Paper Towns

  1. Yeah, Green sure does have a way with words. I bet his grocery shopping lists even sound like poetry. I agree though that I am not a huge Green fan. His stuff is beautifully written, but sometimes that isn’t enough to catch and keep my attention. Thanks for a wonderful review!

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  2. I agree with your assessment. Green does need to put in more plot-wise to compliment his wonderful writing skills. I mean, he let himself be stuck in what defines and makes up a young adult fiction. 🙂 Wasn’t impressed with Paper Towns as well.


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