Book Review: Looking For Alibrandi




Young Adult, Chick-Lit, Romance, High School………..

I know, I know.

Personally, I really don’t read many books like that. Lil backstory: I tried reading a Stephanie Perkins book way way back and it is really one of the cliche-est book I’ve ever read in my life; and so, I vowed to stay away from that type of books. (Sorry).

But I promise that Looking For Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta is different.




Looking For Alibrandi is definitely better than I expected and it surprised me. The book is hilarious and not just an ordinary young adult book. It really tackles a lot of issues and I mean “issues” very significant and poignant to our society — family of immigrants, acceptance, friendship etc. I will give this book some additional points because it is written in such a good pace and the issues amongst the characters are truly addressed. Everything is well thought of, very cohesive and engaging because I really felt the characters’ struggles and stories like they’re real.

Furthermore, all characters have a great development — the Alibrandis, Jacob, Poison Ivy, Mr. Andretti etc. Also, I just love the family dynamic of the alibrandis’ and I applaud how strong and close their family ties are. Looking for Alibrandi is perfect if you are in the mood for a light  read but with a promising content. The book also has twists and turns that kind of shocked me just a bit. For example: everything happens for a reason and this particular character has his/her reasons. It just pains me how wicked the world is, that some teens need to hold on to that kind of “escape” for an answer. (I really don’t want to spoil anything)

I could have given it a five but I feel that the ending is somewhat rushed. But overall I enjoyed it so much.


⭐️    ⭐️    ⭐️    ⭐️    S  T  A  R  S


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