Series Review #3: The Terror



Seriously, one of the best shows i have watched in 2018! To be honest, it takes me days to decide what series to watch next. I. AM. JUST. TOO. PICKY and that part of me is definitely a blessing and a curse.

If you are not fond of scary stories, do not be intimidated of “the terror” because this is not like the conjuring or the nun or insidious or the ring — you will be all right. Apparently, “the terror” is the name of an expedition ship that sailed during the 1800’s, carrying hundreds of men, and was tasked to find a northern-passage trade route. It is said that our world’s history has always been tragic, full of secrets, and sad tales; and this ship with its twin ship, Eurebus, ended up in a fateful one.

What i really love about this is the casting because every single actor in the show delivered their roles so well. If a scene demands a strong emotion or an intense acting, the actors as incredibly talented as they are, make it so believable. Hands down to Jarred Harris for winning me over. It makes me think that some people has an innate talent for acting and you can easily distinguish it when an individual actually has it.


In addition to that, i am amazed by the storytelling. The sequence of every scene, how the intensity builds up, how all substantial part of the story appeared at the right moment — the execution is just on point and it just makes you binge all episodes in one sitting. To sum it all up, this is pretty much what happened in that expedition and the writers added some tiny bit of an extra fantasy-folklore flare to the story which makes it more thrilling.


The terror, somehow, captures what an expedition was like during those less advanced times; how big of a deal it is back then and how every man of the ship is considered a hero for coming back from a successful one. But it is not always successful, it is dark and twisted for not all lives to tell the tale — not all comes back.

⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️  S  T  A  R  S


3 thoughts on “Series Review #3: The Terror

  1. I couldn’t agree more with everything you said. This was definitely one of my favorite series of 2018. I’m really interested in Arctic expeditions now. What really stuck with me was that they’ve actually only found the ships now (did you know, it’s incredible), about 150 years later (I think?) and in great conditions!

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    1. yeah right after I finish the terror I searched everything about it. I don’t wanna feel this way because it is a tragedy but it amazes and interests me so much that the ships were found.

      I’ve said this to my sis before that there are few people I envy and the archaeologists/explorers that found titanic and this one are the ones I envy the most. LIKE COME ON WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT RIGHT? Like woah they will be in history books now

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