Series Review #4: Fringe

Whenever I ask myself why am I so obsessed/amazed/blown away with fringe? To be honest, I don’t even know why I started it. I definitely have no background of this show that was aired years ago. After watching stranger things, there has been a void in my heart so I searched for a tv series with similar tones and same genre. 

And out of all the things listed in every site I visited, I picked fringe overnight thinking “it might be the one”. Out of a whim, I have found it just like a scientist going through a breakthrough.

Fringe is a sci-fi show that deals with alternative universes and time resets. Alternative worlds is just an amazing concept. It is not only about different dimensions but it also includes different version of oneself like doppelgängers. Although the first and second season is merely procedural, it holds a firm foundation to the other underlying tone of the series which is drama. I love how the writers added “family and relationships” in fringe and eventually becoming the strongest point of the story. Every relationship is truly impressive. The following standout for me:



  1. Fringe division plus massive dynamics element. let’s throw the trio Walter-Olivia-Peter in, add Astrid, Broyles, Nina, William Bell and of course who could have forgotten Gene the cow? And voila the fringe team is now ready to fight for honor and duty. The team has come a long long way including tons of series of events that tests the team’s unity. Fourth season in and you are still not sure who’s going to betray who, who loves who, who is the root cause of all the fringe events I mean come on just who? It has a lot of spice and suspense although procedural, still entertaining just the same. Convincingly, these procedural episodes give way to such harmonious relationships and until the end, their unity and cooperation save the world. 



  1. Of course one of the best ship of all time, the Peter Bishop-Olivia Dunham tandem. I am just so loss for words. Their love knows no boundaries, no alternative universe can’t stop them. They have a strong chemistry definitely grounded by a strong friendship. Their love is not rushed and you squeal of joy whenever you watch their minute long moments. You ask yourself when will they be together then the last episode of season 2 happened. It is too beautiful and real that it warms my heart. A lot of events happened to test them and they withstand all of it. I am rooting for them since day one, always wishing for their happiness. They have waited and all viewers too, waited with them to finally live a happy life -xand they did.



  1. Peter Bishop and Walter Bishop. I never knew that this tandem will overthrow Polivia in my list. I guess any family storyline is always going to be a feels trip for me. The father and son duo is amazing. Walter is such an amazing dad crossing the universe for his son. I don’t know how but the perfection of this relationship is beyond me – I just can’t put it into words. While writing this I have come into a conclusion that my favorite character of all is Walter. He is funny, brilliant and a loving person who will go through any lengths to be with his son. The two started so bitterly but their transition into this parent-child relationship is so well done. It is definitely one of the must watch scenes of the series. 


Amazing characters, terrific story, top notch actors. As of now, Olivia is going to be my pick as the most badass woman ever in the fiction world. Anna torv is amazing, such a convincing delivery. Joshua Jackson is too adorable and handsome at the same time, how is that possible? John Noble is my favorite, I am going to miss him so much. 

It is not a perfect series, people can be bored with it for being too procedural. People can be a little frustrated on how the highly-theoretical time reset events unfold. Yes, it can be confusing — a lot of things happening and it doesn’t make sense sometimes (plotholes too) 

But I stayed. I have stayed because I feel so attached with the characters. I have stayed because the characters deserve a proper last punch and closure. I have stayed because I couldn’t let them go. I will definitely miss it and will continue clinging to this show.


⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️   ⭐️ . 5   S  T  A  R  S


10 thoughts on “Series Review #4: Fringe

  1. Walter ❤️😍 I have allllll the love for Walter.

    This series was amazing. I watched it first time around when it came out and the did a re-watch last year because I couldn’t remember a lot of it and enjoyed it just as much the 2nd time

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